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Conditions which may respond to the Bowen Technique:

Bowen Therapy can affetc these areas
Bowen Technique Guernsey Headache & Migraine
Bowen Technique Guernsey Glue Ear
Bowen Technique Guernsey Hay Fever
Bowen Technique Guernsey Jaw Problems
Bowen Technique Guernsey Neck Pain/Whiplash
Bowen Technique Guernsey Frozen Shoulder
Bowen Technique Guernsey Breast Problems
Bowen Technique Guernsey Bronchial/Respiratory Problems
Bowen Technique Guernsey Tennis Elbow
Bowen Technique Guernsey Carpal Tunnel
Bowen Technique Guernsey RSI
Bowen Technique Guernsey Digestive Conditions
Bowen Technique Guernsey Back Pain
Bowen Technique Guernsey Nausea & Infant Colic
Bowen Technique Guernsey Pregnancy & Fertility Problems
Bowen Technique Guernsey Menstrual Problems
Bowen Technique Guernsey Kidney Problems
Bowen Technique Guernsey IBS
Bowen Technique Guernsey Sciatica
Bowen Technique Guernsey Pelvic Pain
Bowen Technique Guernsey Groin Strain
Bowen Technique Guernsey Hamstring Problems
Bowen Technique Guernsey Knee Problems
Bowen Technique Guernsey Ankle & Foot Problems
Bowen Technique Guernsey Joint Problems
Bowen Technique Guernsey Muscle Pain
Bowen Technique Guernsey Water Retention
Bowen Technique Guernsey Chronic Fatigue
Bowen Technique Guernsey MS : ME : PMT




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Bowen Therapy in Guernsey
Restoring Balance to the Body

What is the Bowen Technique?

Developed in Australia in the 1950s by Tom Bowen and brought to the UK in the 1990s, Bowen has developed into one of the World's leading techniques in structural and spinal therapy for pain relief and health rejuvenation.

Bowen is a gentle and relaxing hands-on therapy, in which the Practitioner, using only the amount of pressure appropriate for the client, makes a series of dynamic rolling moves over muscles, tendons and soft tissue at precise points. These moves release tension in the body in order that healing, re-alignment and balance can take place , also initiating a process in the nervous system and consequently throughout the body, reducing or eliminating pain and improving the quality of life.

The treatment is non-invasive and can be administered through light clothing. It has a remarkable record of success with clients affected by an astonishingly wide range of conditions, often when nothing else helps.

Bowen is suitable for all people from small babies with colic through to sports people with injuries to the elderly with osteoporosis. Many osteopaths, physiotherapists and doctors have been so impressed with the effectiveness of Bowen they have now trained in the technique. Sport is one field which is becoming more aware of the Bowen Technique. Not only do sports people report fewer injuries with regular treatments but also notice an increase in performance. Bowen is generally pleasant to receive, many clients become so relaxed they fall asleep during the treatment.

A treatment takes between 45 – 60 minutes with the Practitioner taking short breaks between each set of moves, enabling the body to absorb the information it has received and initiate the healing process. Most problems are usually resolved in 1 -3 treatments but some long term (chronic) conditions may require more. Many clients return regularly for maintenance treatments to boost their feeling of health and well being.

Succesful Bowen Treatments can include:

Back and hip problems

"Having Bowen has allowed me to run 4 marathons and my body has always been a lot better after having treatment, I would recommend it to anyone." - N.G

Foot, shoulder, neck and jaw problems

"I always feel much freer and relaxed so return for regular top up's when I start to feel cross threaded
again." - S.F

Trapped nerve, muscle pain

"Bowen enables me to keep on running." - A DE C

Neck and shoulder pain

Found the sessions very good, relaxing and calming (fell asleep once I think), No more pains. A.F

Shoulder injury

"Relieved pain and felt much better after treatment."- M.E

Bowen Terapy Professional Association

Bear Grylls (Born Suvivor) and Bill Tarmey (Coronation Street) both have regular treatments. Read their and more testimonials on the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) website.

The Bowen Therapy Professional Association is the largest UK professional association for qualified Bowen Therapists.

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