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Some testimonials from happy customers:

"I have suffered from shoulder and back pain for years and could not lift my arm up to its full extent, I have been to doctors, physo’s, osteopath’s, the lot without success, until I went to Richie, after 3 treatments I have no more pain and can now lift my arm, generally all my joints feel much easier than before, I now continue with regular quarterly treatments, its wonderful."
- Alan B

"I had a trapped nerve in my back and was unable to sleep as it was painful to move and turn over in bed. I am now sleeping much better and able to do most things more easily. The treatment was very relaxing as it is done with clothes on, one felt able to ask about after care and go away with information to look after ones self in a better way than before."
- Barbara, 75

"I suffer from a bulging disc in my neck which causes pain and pins & needles down my left arm, my shoulders and generally through my body, I had problems sitting, sleeping, housework actually generally living, after a course of Bowen treatment the pain is a lot less the pins & needles in my left arm has stopped, I can now sit, sleep, do my housework and I am back training in the gym."
- Karen

"I suffered from neck and shoulder pains which were affecting my sleep. I found the Bowen sessions with Richie very good, relaxing/calming (fell asleep once I think), have no more pain."
- A.F.

"I suffered from back and hip problems preventing me from doing my sporting activities. Having Bowen with Richie has allowed me to run 4 marathons and my body has always been a lot better after having treatment and I would recommend it to anyone."
- Natalie

"Because of the nature of my job I get neck and back pain from time to time and get cramp in my left leg and foot preventing me from walking long distance, sitting comfortably or sleeping well, since having Bowen treatment with Richie I feel fitter, healthier and sleeping much better it is a comfort knowing that the treatment corrects the problems straight away in one go, I wish I had known about Bowen therapy when I was 18 saving me years of suffering and expense."
- Peter

"I have suffered with back pain for years preventing me from walking or standing for long times, since having Bowen therapy I have no more pain or dull ache anymore, wonderful."
- Sandra

"Bowen treatment helps me feel re-aligned and also helps enormously with my jaw problem, unfortunately in a stressful situation the jaw problem returns, but the benefits from Bowen will normally last at least six weeks."
- Val

"I suffer from neck and back problems (pain) preventing me from relaxing and generally enjoying life, after my Bowen treatment life is more enjoyable, my body feels more alive and flowing freely (unblocked) a bit like having a good spring clean."
- V Le P